Sunday, August 9, 2009


Yesterday while I was searching for something else in the crop room, I came across a pile of layouts I had created earlier in life, but never finished up with photos and bling. I quickly was side-tracked and soon created these two layouts with very little effort.
So, this week instead of a tutorial, I'm issuing a challenge. Dig thru your piles and stash of uncompleted projects, finish them up with whatever it takes, then share them here.

I'll do the same since I found a bunch of layouts I did at a monthly class I took, but never added pictures!

PS - notice the track marks on the Jurassic Park layout - they are created with staples!! Quick easy and pretty darn cute. To get a closer look at the photos give them a click and they will open in another window. (You may have already known this, but I just discovered it and was quite impressed)

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