Saturday, July 17, 2010

What a fantastic trip!!

I can't believe only two weeks ago my family and Close To My Heart sister's were off for a fabulous vacation to our Nation's Capital.

The fireworks on the National Mall were amazing and I would highly recommend fighting the crowds just to see them.

We walked all over DC and checked out all the cool sites, road a cute double decker tour bus and did a LOT of sweating.  At some points I really wish I had paid a little more attention in history class, but my kids were there to fill me in.  I can't explain the thrill of actually seeing all the things I read about in books when I was young.  It was VERY inspiring!!

Our annual Close To My Heart convention started Thursday morning and I was more than ready to sit down for awhile....How cool is it that this wonderful company schedules their conventions in places like DC so we can mix business with pleasure (and get a tax break for going on vacation)?Even though I have been to several conventions I was still giddy with excitement and so thrilled to be sharing it with my team for the first time! We had a fabulous 3 days jammed full of business and creative classes, socializing and lots of fun.  It's great to connect with all the people on our teams from across the country.  The final night we were treated to a fabulous dinner and great entertainment. The anticipation grows as the evening progresses while we wait on the edge of our seats to discover what fun place we will be going to next year.....

Then the announcement year's convention will be held at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim....How cool is that!!  Discounted rooms, admission to Disneyland, sightseeing, food and fun....what a great company I work with!!  I've got my coin charge started, budget made and am raring to go!!

I invite you to join me next year and experience the wonder of Disney with a spectacular group of ladies.  Click HERE to learn more about your opportunity to get in on this great deal and become a part of my team and this wonderful company!!

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Kidz Planet @ VAOG said...

AWESOME pictures Debi! I also was soooo inspired being there - I cried a few times...once on the case that covered the Declaration of Independence! The security guard had to wipe up my mess! :0)

It was sooo good to see you!

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