Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Good Intentions

Happy New Year everyone!!  Its hard for me to believe it's 2014 how time flies!
With the coming of the new year its time to reflect on the past year and set some goals - or good intentions - for 2014 (I don't like the word makes me feel so inadequate if I fail to follow through).  Over the years I have learned not to set myself to lofty of goals as something always comes along in life that supersedes this year my "good intentions" are simple, but attainable.

  1. I intend to post regularly to my may not always be art work but I will try to post something at least 3 times a week.....quite a challenge for me.  However, I have a plan that involves actually taking a lunch hour at work and using it for something other than playing Suduko on my tablet!  Stay tuned for regular updates and accountability projects.
  2. I intend to renew and refresh my business.  What direction I go is yet to be determined, but I have to do something.  I have been with Close To My Heart 9 years today and it seems a shame to let that go, so I shall keep that in place in some form or fashion as I work on a more profitable direction for the business.
  3. I intend to move to a newer, more energy efficient home this year.  Each winter I say this as I sit wrapped up in two blankets with the fireplace going and still have a $500 electric bill, but this is the year I will do something about it.  Both of my kids will be living on their own so I can look for a place to suit my needs with less to move and put away!
  4. I intend to maintain my 35 lb. weight loss - especially through the first 3 1/2 months of the year....this means I will have to cook at home and go to the gym regularly.....ugh!!
And that's it for this year....4 easily attainable goals.  Wish me luck and stick around to see how I do.


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Tina Campbell said...

Good title and good choice of intentions :) I think you'll do well with them Here's to us all with goals for the year and the blog posts that we want to create more of :) To blog more is one of my goals too

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