Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Organized week 3

Somehow I missed week 2 of my organization course, hope I didn't miss much.... onward to week 3.
This week we begin to sort "problem" areas of the space.  I've got plenty of those.  I decided to start with the ribbon.
There is a plethera of loose ribbon hanging from hooks, in jars and shoved in bags all over the room. We have this great rack for spooled ribbon but nowhere to put the loose stuff.  For sorting, we will need to go through this loose ribbon and decide which goes in the keep, donate and sell boxes and then move them out of the room until week 13.  Once done, we will go on to the next problem area, which is the paper racks in the closet and containers on the floor.  Luckily week #4 is all about paper and cardstock, so we'll get to combine two weeks in one!

1 comment:

Tina Campbell said...

Have fun with the paper, your room looks like mine :) I can relate to putting things on the floor.

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