Saturday, January 11, 2014


One day last week I spent literally hours searching for a single piece of paper - to no avail.  I seemed to have misplaced the July page of my calendar kit.  What good is a calendar with an entire month missing - right? I must get reorganized.  A little over a year ago I spent hundreds on shelving systems and we are already out of space....what to do?  Ironically the very same day an email came across my laptop with an offer for a 26 week organization class - I jumped right on it.

Week one - clear your work space.:

 Ugh...what a mess.  The best part of this exercise is that you didn't necessarily have to put it away, only things that had a exact place got put away.  Everything else goes in a box for later organization!

Week one complete.....I have so much space to work in now I don't know what to do with myself!

Over the next 25 weeks I will be sharing my progress with you.  Feel free to lift the ideas for your own space.  Who knows, maybe I will find my missing calendar page in the process!



annieb said...

Can you share the website or give specific instructions. I would love to follow this bread crumb trail.

debi barber said...

Go to to the classes tab and it is listed there.

Unknown said...

I am impressed! It seems all I do is shuffle stuff around! Will definitely follow! Is this something to put on our blogspot?

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