Sunday, November 29, 2009

Around the Block

Here's another calendar that's sure to be a hit. My good friend Terri came up with this idea and I just had to try it out. You can add photos to this block, or encourage your recipient to add their own photos as the year goes by and when the year is done they will have a nice "year in review" for their collection.

Supplies needed:
My Creations Cube (or 6-5X5 heavy cardboard squares)
12-5X5 pieces of patterned paper
12-3X3 1/2 pieces of cardstock
12-2 1/4X3 1/4 pieces of cardstock
8- 10" pieces of ribbon or cord
Calendar pages-found here
1/8" hole punch

Again, this is a great project to use double sided patterned paper on....everything matches!! I chose to use 2 colors of cardstock for my mats, but you can use as many or few as desired!

When June is over and it's time for the last six months, simply untie the top and bottom corners of one square, rotate the pages and tie the corners back in place.

When the entire year is over, punch some holes in the top or side of your squares and insert rings in these holes, add a front and back cover and you have a cute little mini book to remember the year by.

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1 comment:

gtolivas said...

I love this project. it is great for anyone and everyone who has a desk at work or home. love it, love it, love it.

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