Monday, August 8, 2011


This week our Heart 2 Heart Challenge is HOT!!  Show us something that reminds you of hot.  Here in North Texas that is an easy challenge.....we have nothing but HOT right now. UGH!

As I dug thru my stash for paper to use on my layout I realized I had nothing left that worked, having purged my supplies in preparation for the new Autumn/Winter products.....what to do?  No worries here....I just popped over to my website and entered the world of Studio J.  The beauty of our online scrapbooking program is that there is a ton of paper ensembles and layouts to choose - many seasons and colors - so HOT paper was not a problem!!

First I chose my paper and layout - easy - then I dropped my pictures into the layout - again easy - but then here is where the fun begins.  I added the stitched banner at the top for my title, but it has no background color, so I dropped a text box on top of each piece of the banner, then recolored the background and put the appropriate letter in the text box, sent each text box backwards and multicolor stitched banner!! Then, since I can't leave well enough alone, I decided the black picture mats at the bottom could look like a film strip (yes, that is NOT a element of the original layout).  To achieve this look, I inserted one teeny tiny text box, then copy and pasted it umpteen million times, lined them all up, then changed the background color of each box to match the layout's background paper......time consuming - but stinkin' cool!!

If you haven't tried Studio J I encourage you to do don't have to "pay to play"....log in as a guest and have a good time.  If you decide you like what you've created and want to print or get the jpg file, you have several options.

Don't forget to share your "HOT" creations with us at Heart 2 Heart.....can't wait to see what YOU create.


Mary said...

Great photos, love the calendar addition to the layout and the banner - awesome!

Cheryl Even said...

Love what you've done using Studio J! When I first saw the layout, I never would have guessed it was digital. Great job.

Unknown said...

I love all your elements! Great job with Studio J & what a fun way to stay cool too!

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