Sunday, February 23, 2014

Exciting weekend

It seems like every time my sister and I go retreating with the group of consultant ladies there is some sort of adventure we go through....there was the time we got locked INSIDE the room and had to climb out the window, or the time we almost git stuck in the muddy driveway and then theres the whole missing the flight fiasco.

So true to firm, we had our little adventure at 4:00 am tbis morning. Seems that sometime during the day/night Saturday some bug decided it needed to have a bite of me. About 3:30 I woke up having an allergy attack, 100 mg of Benedryl and 30 minutes later with no results off we went in search of Gainesville's ER.

I am happy to report that just a few hours later we were back at the retreat and ready to start scrapbooking for the day! That would be a true scrapbooker-run to the ER, get fixed up then back to work!

I did get several projects done this weweekend in spite of everything, but show and tell will have to wait cuz I am worn out and ready for bed!


Tina Campbell said...

Wow your a tough one:) Glad it didn't spoil it for you

Unknown said...

Glad you are okay my friend.

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