Sunday, April 6, 2014

A bit of pampering

Yesterday after a long day of tax preparing I decided to pamper myself a bit and get my nails done.  As I was sitting there I thought how much better I felt with nice new shiny nails....which led to my remembering a post my friend Melissa had recently done about "the most important thing" journaling technique which then led to me thinking about this layout I did using that technique right after I had my nails done once......funny how one thought leads to another isn't it.

These pictures, unfortunately, aren't clear enough to read the journaling, but it talks about how the most important thing about nail day is that it makes me feel whole again.  I did this layout 7 or so years ago, but it is amazing to me that "nail day" still makes me feel whole again!


Tina Campbell said...

Too cute, good idea for a layout, I feel that way when I get a new cut and color :)

Unknown said...
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