Tuesday, May 13, 2014

What have I done?

Last week I had the honor of attending the premier of The Hornet's Nest movie in Dallas.  Before the movie began I got to meet several of my nephew's fellow soldiers.  During the conversations the subject of Carry The Load came up and one of guys from his unit told us (with a very sad puppy dog look) that he is walking for Brian but had nobody on his team........well, what could I do - right?  So now I find myself committed to walking a 7 mile journey on Memorial Day to support his team and the memory of my nephew!  Knowing very little about this organization when I agreed to participate I now see that I'm supposed to solicit donations for it.....aarrgghh!!  Since I'm not the type to go around asking folks for money, I thought I'd make a fun game out of the whole situation!
Here's the plan.....
How many of the 7 miles do you think I will complete?  For every mile you think I will complete, please contribute an amount by visiting my personal page here, then put your guess in the comments section.  Who ever guesses the right number (or closest) will get a surprise from me when the walk is over and I recover (I promise it won't be anything sweaty)!  While you are on my page, please take a minute to look at all this organization is doing for our military, police and first responders - it's a wonderful movement. Who knows...maybe you'll decide to sign up for the event!
Now to dust off my walking shoes and get some practice in before the event!
Thanks a million!!

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